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Spartanburg, SC, USA
Compact Filter Unit (CFU)
The compact filter unit (CFU) is a multi-stage, continually operating system for removing fibres and dust. It can achieve high filter classes. It collects, extracts, separates, filters and discharges the coarse and fine particles generated in many production processes. Depending on the application, the separated materials can be returned to the production process or compacted and disposed of. Depending on the air quantity required, a number of pre-filters or fine filters can be arranged next to one another and above one another as modules. An optional microfilter module can be added to achieve even greater air purity. The advantages of the compact filter unit (CFU): High filter capacity Uninterrupted operation thanks to continuous cleaning Separate return of fibres and dust for recycling Low maintenance Energy-efficient No pressure fluctuations or surges in the system Scalable capacity and function Direct installation at the production process is possible High performance density Long service life of filter media Antistatic and ATEX versions available High-temperature version available Modular design Compact and space-saving design No compressed air necessary Energy savings thanks to low pressure loss, short pipes and aerodynamically efficient filter unit Can be set up and commissioned in a few days
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  LTG Incorporated
Product Category Air Purifiers
Product Name Compact Filter Unit (CFU)
Application Industrtial
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