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Automatic Screw Feeder - KFR-1050 - Loover Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taipei City, Taiwan
Automatic Screw Feeder KFR-1050
Prompt delivery and steady screw feeding are the important factors of a screw feeder. We collected feedback from distributors and customers and incorporated their opinions when developing this screw feeder. WIDEST RANGE OF APPLICABLE SCREW SIZES: Between 1.0-5.0 mm (lncl,: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.3mm, 2.6mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, & 5.0mm) 11 sizes. MAX OF SCREWS LENGTH & HOPPER CAPACITY: Screw Length : Up to 19mm (under screw head) Capacity of hopper : 200-220 c.c APPLICABILITY OF SPECIAL SCREW TYPES: Screw length Thread Diameter (1 = 1, 1< 1) Thickness of screw head 0.2mm No jamming or failure occurred when appropriate size screws are used. SIZE OF FEEDING RAIL IS ADJUSTABLE: Feeding rail can be pulled out to easily adjust width for different sizes. Measurements for width adjustments can be in metric or imperial units. SAVE PARTS COSTS & STOCK: KFR-1050 allows adjusting the width of feeding rail to serve 11 sizes screws, between 1.0mm to 5.0mm diameter. The flexibility prevents dealers from stocking up on quantities for different sizes, and reduces the cost on related accessories for users. ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION INTENSITY: Small amplitude vibration at high strength causes screws to move on rail to pick-up point. No jamming occurs that would affect productivity. HUMANIZED MULTI PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Individual drive system for feeding and vibrating operation. Setting for suitable stop time without interruption to operation. Equipped with ground wire, socket & buzzer for operating safety and alarm signal. PCB controls for efficiency of desired speed & timing on each operating step. Switching adapter allows AC 100-240V power source for stable DC 15V output. No influences and problems occur due to the different AC power source of factories locations. Other functions PCB designed with short circuit and over load protection. Screw feeder and PCB grounding connection is also available. Power On/Off buzzer alert and blinking LED indicator.
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Technical Specifications

  Loover Industrial Co., Ltd.
Product Category Parts Feeders
Product Number KFR-1050
Product Name Automatic Screw Feeder
Drive Power AC 100-240V
Parts Fed Screws
Configuration Bowl and Drive
Part Diameter 0.1969 inch (5 mm)
Dimensions / Bowl Shape 182 x 126 x 147 mm
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