Littelfuse, Inc. Dual Optocouplers Series LDA210

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Dual Optocouplers Series - LDA210 - Littelfuse, Inc.
Chicago, IL, United States
Dual Optocouplers Series LDA210
Single and dual OptoMOSĀ® products provide an optically isolated means of switching control circuits. Each package contains one or two phototransistors that are optically coupled with LEDs. Shunt resistors can be used to adjust the threshold current required to activate the output circuitry. The LDA contains sensors that allow for either AC or DC input circuits and single transistor or Darlington transistor outputs. Single and dual optocouplers are ideal for Telecom, Industrial Control and instrumentation circuits, where electrical isolation of control circuitry is crucial. Features: AC and DC Input Versions Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable Applications: Telecom Switching Tip/Ring Circuits Modem Switching (Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs) Loop Detection Ring Detection Current Sensing
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Technical Specifications

  Littelfuse, Inc.
Product Category Optocouplers
Product Number LDA210
Product Name Dual Optocouplers Series
Isolation Voltage 3750 volts
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