Littelfuse, Inc. Flange Mount Hall Effect Sensor 55140-3M

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Flange Mount Hall Effect Sensor - 55140-3M - Littelfuse, Inc.
Chicago, IL, United States
Flange Mount Hall Effect Sensor 55140-3M
A small flange mount Hall effect sensor occupying only 3.22cm2 (0.500in2) board space with a choice of digital or programmable analog outputs. Available in 3-wire (voltage output) or 2-wire (current output) versions. Its case design enables screw or adhesive mounting. Capable of switching up to 28Vdc and 20mA. Available with a range of sensitivity, cable length and connector options. Ideally suited for position and limit sensing, rotation and flow measurement, commutation of brushless DC motors, angular sensing and magnetic encoding. Features: Magnetically-operate d position sensor Digital or programmable analog types available Medium, high or programmable sensitivity options available Three-wire (voltage output) or two-wire (current output) versions available Vibration 50g max. @ 50 to 2,000Hz Shock 150g max. @ 11ms 1/2 sine wave EMC compliance to DIN 40839 (consult Littelfuse) Integral reverse/over-voltage protection Built-in temperature compensation Benefits: High switching speed up to 10kHz Long life, up to 20 billion operations Unaffected by harsh environments Operates in static or dynamic magnetic field Available with a selection of cable length and connector options Applications: Position and limit switching RPM measurement Flow metering Commutation of brushless DC motors Angle sensing Magnetic encoders
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Technical Specifications

  Littelfuse, Inc.
Product Category Proximity Sensors
Product Number 55140-3M
Product Name Flange Mount Hall Effect Sensor
Operation Distance 0.4921 inch (12.5 mm)
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