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Linear Actuator - LA44 - LINAK U.S. Inc.
Louisville, KY, USA
Linear Actuator LA44
The LA44 is available in powerful 10,000 N and 12,000 N versions, ensuring safe patient handling. With the actuator LA44, LINAK offers a product which, with its wide range of safety options, low noise level, and outstanding performance, is the right choice for medical applications such as patient lifts ,beds, dental chairs, etc. Heavy duty actuator Max. thrust: 12,000 N for push application only Max. speed: 14 mm/s Safety options such as: Manual lowering: makes it possible to turn the inner tube down by hand in case of emergency, or if electrical power is not available Spline: potential work injuries are prevented by the spline, as the actuator can only push and not pull, in case something touches, e.g., the lifting boom on a patient lift High side load capacity for high safety: Side load of up to 1,000 N is possible without breaking or damaging the actuator Safety nut: to ensure safe patient handling even when the actuator is no longer new Unique and improved brake to ensure no unintended movement
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Technical Specifications

  LINAK U.S. Inc.
Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number LA44
Product Name Linear Actuator
Rated Speed 0.5512 in/sec (0.8400 m/min)
Motor Type DC
Device Type Rod Type
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