Leister USA Plastic Welding Hand Extruders WELDPLAST S6


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Plastic Welding Hand Extruders - WELDPLAST S6 - Leister USA
Itsaca, IL, United States
Plastic Welding Hand Extruders WELDPLAST S6
Screw extruder with barrel heater and integrated hot air blower for preheating welding seams Compact housing design reduces noise and guarantees optimal cooling for the electronics and drive Terminal with illuminated graphic display and operating keys suitable for construction sites Microprocessor to regulate the welding process and to monitor the tool Menu with function programs Air flow up to 450 l/min Twist-free welding rod feed for 4 mm or 5 mm rod Simple rotatable handle Complies with DVS (German Welding Association) standards
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Technical Specifications

  Leister USA
Product Category Welding, Brazing, and Soldering Equipment
Product Number WELDPLAST S6
Product Name Plastic Welding Hand Extruders
Material Capability Plastic
Input Phase Single Phase Power
AC Input Voltage 208-230/240V_60Hz
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