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Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer - SmartChem®450 - KPM Analytics
Westborough, MA, United States
Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer SmartChem®450
High Capacity Benchtop Automated Wet Chemistry Platform SmartChem® 450 is a fully automated, wet chemistry direct read, discrete analyzer for photometric and electrochemical analysis. It offers a throughput of up to 450 tests per hour with optional pH/Conductivity/ORP analytical and Nitrate sample preparation modules. It can load up to 100 samples, controls and calibrators and 72 different reagents. Together with its intuitive and easy to learn software platform, SmartChem® 450 provides full flexibility and power to increase the productivity in your laboratory. When paired with the optional samples and reagent barcode readers and ready-to-use reagents, the instrument operation is simplified and does solely require to program the instrument’s work routine, reducing hands-on operation and any possibility of human error. Features Multi-parametric (consolidation) automated platform. Photometric and Electrochemistry analysis Automated integrated reagents and samples barcode reader (optional) Automated start-up to instrument readiness Low water consumption IF THEN driven test sequences Programmable and monitored cuvette wash module Reagent inventory system and liquid level sensing pH/Cond/ORP and Nitrate add-on modules available Available ready-to-use reagents for diverse methods Benefits Increased efficiency and productivity through instrument consolidation and testing automation. Free-up your staff from tedious and repetitive tasks. Microlitre reactions - Reduced reagent usage and waste generation – improved cost efficiency and environmental footprint. Guaranteed stability, reproducibility and traceability with our ready-to-use dedicated reagents. Improved automation level with our optional bar code readers for reagents and samples – allowing full LIMS integration. Automated out-of-range retesting decision making. Cost end environmental efficiency via our Cuvette Monitored Wash Cycle. Optimization of time-consuming techniques such as pH, Cond, ORP
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Technical Specifications

  KPM Analytics
Product Category Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters
Product Number SmartChem®450
Product Name Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer
Measured Parameter Phosphorus
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