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Thermal Imaging Camera - PSC-450-G7 - KPM Analytics
Westborough, MA, United States
Thermal Imaging Camera PSC-450-G7
The Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) Surveryor camera series offers a comprehensive range of imaging and line scanning camera systems to continuously monitor and control industrial processes. These state of the art camera systems provide real-time thermography with an astonishing 128 Hz frame rate. The systems can be remotely triggered to respond to fast occurring events, initiating alarms, outputs or capturing and recording data to a network for later retrieval and analysis. In addition, the Surveyor camera series can be switched in the field to a line scanner mode, which allows the camera to perform as a line scan camera. These unique products are also applied to laboratory and R&D applications covering an overall temperature span from -20°C to 1800°C. The Surveyor cameras are compact, radiometric and enable the operator to view and measure thousands of temperature points, line profiles or user selectable areas or regions of interest (ROI’s) defined by a maximum, minimum or average temperature within these regions. The smart technology and space saving design of each model brings new meaning to the word “simplicity” and sets a benchmark for quality and performance. The Surveyor cameras are available in a variety of models with a range of termperature ranges, resolutions, and lens options to optimize the performance criteria of the camera to your application. There is even the PSC-450-LWK model designed for aerial surveillance on drones.
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Technical Specifications

  KPM Analytics
Product Category Thermal Imagers
Product Number PSC-450-G7
Product Name Thermal Imaging Camera
Detector Type Line Scanning
Vertical 382 lines
Maximum Frame Rate 80 frames per second
Accuracy 2 ±% Full Scale
Maximum Dimension 2.2 to 3.54 inch (55.88 to 89.92 mm)
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