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Westborough, MA, United States
Grain & Flour Analyzer AgriCheck Plus
High-Precision Transmission & Reflectance NIR Instrument The Bruins Instruments AgriCheck Plus is designed to measure all kinds of whole grain and oilseeds such as wheat, durum, barley, corn, soybeans, brown rice, milled rice, rough rice, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum, and others. Unlike other AgriCheck models, the AgriCheck Plus also has a reflectance cell, which is the best sampling mode to analyze ground products or pastes. This combination of transmission and reflectance measurement channels makes AgriCheck Plus the industry’s most unique and versatile NIR instrument dedicated to the analysis of whole grains and their derivatives. The AgriCheck Plus is easy to use and the operator simply fills the funnel with grain or uses the reflectance plate to place ground or paste samples, and runs the test from the touchscreen. These tests provide critical quality data for ingredients and grab samples and ensure quality targets are being met. Features High precision, linear monochromator provides reliable measurements Intuitive software and a large touchscreen makes the analyzer easy to use Optional Test Weight module determines the specific weight of the grain Benefits High accuracy and trusted results allow for quick adoption of the instrument Intuitive and easy to use means less time training staff to use the analyzer Global calibrations for major quality parameters allow plug & play operation for a wide variety of grains Proven monochromator design with decades of success across thousands of installations worldwide
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  KPM Analytics
Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Number AgriCheck Plus
Product Name Grain & Flour Analyzer
Display & Special Features Digital; PC Interface / Networkable
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