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TME - General Purpose Coriolis Mass Flowmeter -  - KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
TME - General Purpose Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Product Features 316L Stainless Steel Measuring Tubes with Robust Cast Iron Tube Housing Mass Flow Measurement of Liquids and Gases Line Sizes from 1/2 to 3 Inches Highly Immune to Piping Induced Measuring Errors Caused by Vibration Simultaneous Mass Flow, Density, Temperature and Volume Flow Measurements Highly Efficient Heating Jackets Available Optionally HART® and Profibus-PA Available The TME series Coriolis mass flowmeter is a very accurate, rugged design built for general purpose mass flow measurements of liquids and gases in most chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas applications. Mass flow, density and temperature are simultaneously measured and volumetric flow is computed from these parameters. Wetted materials (flanges & measuring tubes) are available in 316L stainless steel. The measuring tubes and sensors are protected by a very rugged cast iron housing. The TME series employs a highly effective measuring tube de-coupling system that virtually eliminates errors casued by piping induced vibrations and stresses. This allows the TME series to provide very accurate mass flow measurement in the most demanding applications. The TME series is the clear choice if you seek a flowmeter that will provide years of reliable, worry free operation.
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  KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
Product Category Liquid Flow Meters
Product Name TME - General Purpose Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Operating Pressure 150 to 300 psi (106 to 211 m H2O)
Mass Flow Rate 0.7000 to 2205 lbs/min (0.0190 to 59.99 metric tons/hr)
Mounting In-line
Operating Temperature -40 to 212 F (-40 to 100 C)
End Fittings In-line Flanged
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