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Dortmund, Germany
Concerto ®
Up until recently 442nm laser generation was exclusively provided by large, costly and cumbersome He-Cd gas lasers. These lasers provide good quality, low noise, single frequency laser light but are difficult to maintain and present considerable challenges in their design to maintain beam pointing stability. Some of the market for lower power bio-fluorescence applications has since migrated to the new diode laser at 445nm but this offers its own issues having no usable coherence length, being relatively noisy and having a poor M² figure. All these issues have now been solved with the launch of the world’s only 442nm DPSS laser. This unit draws on the experience KLASTECH have of designing compact, highly stable DPSS lasers and utilizes the KLASTECH patented technology to deliver up 100 mW of power. Naturally the laser is low noise, air cooled and inherently produces single frequency performance (<1MHz line width). Applications include holography, spectroscopy, thin film analysis, flow visualisation and optical data storage.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Lasers
Product Name Concerto ®
Operating Temperature 15 to 35 C (59 to 95 F)
Laser Type Helium Cadmium Lasers; Solid State Lasers
Beam Area 0.7000 mm² (0.0011 in²)
Features Internal Power Supply; Polarized Output
Laser Power 25 to 100 milliwatts
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