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Whiteness Tester - C300 - Kett US
Villa Park, CA, USA
Whiteness Tester C300
Similar to the C100, the C300 tests whole rice kernels. Meeting JIS standards, the C300 allows for accurate, repeatable color measurement in an easy-to-use package. Simply fill the sample container with rice, close the top and insert into the system. The color standard is displayed within two seconds. This sampling speed allows the processor to increase measurement frequency without adding numerous test stations and operators. Stability is ensured by using the color standard provided with each C100. This simple analysis allows the processor to easily test products for color stability and grading. Using infrared reflectance, samples are not altered or affected in any way
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Technical Specifications

  Kett US
Product Category Color Meters and Appearance Instruments
Product Number C300
Product Name Whiteness Tester
Measurement Scale Reflected
Display Type Digital Numerical Display
Instrument Type Spectrophotometer
User Interface Digital
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