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Zero-Bleed Precision Pressure Regulator -  - Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Zero-Bleed Precision Pressure Regulator
The Precision Pressure Regulator, is a single-turn, high accuracy pressure regulator for air and gases. The regulator incorporates two internal proportional valves, offering significant improvements over other mechanical pressure regulators. The Precision Pressure Regulator’s unique, dual proportional valve design eliminates bleed to atmosphere, and offers true zero pressure output when deactivated. The internal proportional valves maintain regulated pressure with varying flow rates, meaning changes in supply pressure do not affect the downstream output pressure. Additionally, an internal microprocessor assists in maintaining precision output pressures during dynamic pressure changes to the system. The incorporation of the proportional valve design and an internal microprocessor means that the regulated output pressure immediately and accurately adjusts to dynamic changes in supply pressure and flow rates. For many other precision regulators, the regulated pressure rises as the inlet pressure drops, and the regulated pressure drops as flow increases. Our precision regulator maintains extremely high accuracy, even if the inlet pressure fluctuates, or the flow rate changes dynamically. This feature incorporates a microprocessor controlled system that finitely adjusts the internal proportional valves to maintain high accuracy in dynamic conditions. Features No Bleed Rate to Atmosphere High Precision output pressure control Max Flow Capacity of 480 LPM Quiet Operation Bubble tight seal when deactivated; can be used as shut-off valve
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  Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Name Zero-Bleed Precision Pressure Regulator
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Control Valve; Servo
Media Air
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