Isotech North America Temperature Controlled Fixed Resistor Model 456


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Temperature Controlled Fixed Resistor - Model 456 - Isotech North America
Colchester, VT, USA
Temperature Controlled Fixed Resistor Model 456
By temperature controlling an otherwise very stable resistor, a performance close to the very best available in the world can be achieved at a surprisingly low price. The resistor itself is oil filled and hermetically sealed. The function of hermetic sealing is to eliminate the ingress of moisture and oxygen both of which play a role in the long term degradation of unsealed resistors. A further enhancement in both short and long term stability is achieved by oil filling. The oil also acts as a thermal conductor allowing the device to accept short periods of overload without degradation. With accuracies of ±0.005% and a resistance range from 5O to 3.3 MO and long term drift of less than 5ppm, these devices are virtually secondary standards that can be kept in a laboratory as references to calibrate other devices. The Resistor is held in a temperature controlled environment heated to 30±0.1°C other temperatures are available to special order. The heater requires 2 watts at 5V which can be supplied by a battery or an unregulated DC supply. In an ambient of 20°C the Resistor's heater will warm up in typically 30 minutes, and a LED shows when the temperature has been reached. A test pocket is provided so that the resistors' temperature can be monitored if required. 0.1 ppm/month or better stability can be expected. We can supply the value you choose ±0.1% between a minimum of 5O and a maximum of 3.3 megaO. However we bulk buy and keep in stock the following standard values: 10W, 25W, 100W, 1000W, 10,000W. For the highest quality traceability we recommend that the 456 be UKAS Certified. We can offer the 2 Sigma Uncertainties shown in the table.
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Technical Specifications

  Isotech North America
Product Category Resistance Standards and Decades
Product Number Model 456
Product Name Temperature Controlled Fixed Resistor
Type Standard; Resistance; Oil Filled
Accuracy 0.01 +/- %
Stability 1 (ppm / year)
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