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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Datalogging
The Aquistar® Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor represents the next generation in trouble-free oxygen-sensing design. Utilizing fluorescence of a stable, immobilized ruthenium-based film matrix, the sensor employs precision optical transmission and detection to measure oxygen concentration in the fluid outside of the sensor. Measurement is based on photons of light responding to oxygen outside of the sensor, rather than what passes through a sensor membrane. This design eliminates the need to compensate (calibrate) for changes in membrane permeability due to fouling or make up for oxygen consumption by the sensor itself (which required water movement or flow). Unlike alternative optical designs (such as those based on luminescence), this sensor does not have a consumable component; this fluorescence design negates the need to replace photo-bleached caps. The DO Sensor connects topside to a GDL Control Box, which includes a 12 VDC power supply that powers both the control box and the sensor. The control box has a communications port for connecting to a computer running INW's free Aqua4Plus control software. This easy-to-use program allows you to view the sensor status, monitor real time data, create flexible and powerful test sequences, as well as display data in tabular or graphic format and export to spreadsheets and databases. This sensor is fast, accurate, and precise to very low oxygen levels (0.01 ppm) and is the right technology for the demands of down-hole groundwater and surface water environmental monitoring. Features Measures Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Over 65,000 records in non-volatile memory Fluorescence sensor technology No membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges No replacement caps required Sensor does not need water movement, flow, or frequent cleaning Does not require frequent calibration 1.66 inch diameter - fits easily in 2-inch wells RS854 network - connect with other AquiStar Smart Sensors Wireless connectivity - radios and/or cellular Rugged control box Polycarbonate (IP67) Small size - 5.5" x 3.1" x 2.6" (excluding connectors) Internal 12 VDC power supply Programmable warm-up time - easily set the warm-up time required by your equipment Free Aqua4Plus control software Set up flexible recording sequences Retrieve data Monitor real time data View collected data Export to spreadsheets and databases

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Product Number Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Datalogging
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