Inductotherm Group Solid State Induction Heating Power Supply Statipower® SP5

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Solid State Induction Heating Power Supply - Statipower® SP5 - Inductotherm Group
Rancocas, NJ, USA
Solid State Induction Heating Power Supply Statipower® SP5
Statipower® SP5 power supplies are solid state, water-cooled systems designed for case hardening, through hardening, annealing, mass heating, and many other applications. Power and frequency combinations from 10 to 1,300 kW/1 to 25 kHz are available in single and dual frequency models. “Bullet-Proof” Circuitry For Increased Up-Time: All Statipower® power supply systems incorporate “Bullet-Proof” circuitry to eliminate nuisance shutdowns and restarts caused by voltage transients, ground faults and shorted or arcing loads. Because load current is not used for commutation, equipment can be operated with the output shorted for easy troubleshooting. Solid state accuracy assures output power regulation of ±1% with a line variance of up to ±10%. Reliability is further enhanced by placement of 95% of all circuitry on one control board which is accessible without entering the high voltage section of the power supply. Reliable Design For Safety And Long-Life Performance: Statipower® power supply units have a DC diode bridge, line choke and capacitor bank to minimize the effects of line noise and harmonic feedback. This also ensures a constant input power factor of 0.95 regardless of loading for the best possible efficiency resulting in lower electric demand charges. Other system features include an input line disconnect with UVR, output isolation transformer, differential pressure switch and temperature switches on water supply and return manifolds and resettable temperature switches on water circuits. Options include a remote meter panel and a 4 to 20 mA interface board for external control. Features Multiple power/frequency combinations for application matched performance “Bullet-Proof” circuitry eliminates nuisance shutdowns and restarts Voltage fed for 0.95 input power factor over full operating range Output regulation by voltage, power or current. Jumper selected Single control board. Field replaceable for easy maintenance and trouble shooting Interchangeable control board. Factory calibrated to eliminate field adjustment and calibration Modular, single-layer design for easy access and maintenance Pressure switches on all capacitors to shut down system before complete capacitor failure Built-in annunciator panel for simplified status/fault diagnostics < 85 dB operating sound level for quiet operation
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Technical Specifications

  Inductotherm Group
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number Statipower® SP5
Product Name Solid State Induction Heating Power Supply
DC Output Power 10 to 1300 watts
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