Inductotherm Group Transistorized Induction Power Supply Statipower® SP12

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Transistorized Induction Power Supply - Statipower® SP12 - Inductotherm Group
Rancocas, NJ, USA
Transistorized Induction Power Supply Statipower® SP12
The Statipower® SP12 power supply is designed to match multi-turn coils (400- 2000 V) that are used for hardening, tempering, tube heating, crystal growing, brazing, wire/strip heating and many other induction heating applications. A wide variety of heating coils can be properly matched with built-in load tuning capacitors and multi-tap output isolation transformer. Unitized Design For Stand-Alone Operation Just connect three phase 460 V input power, cooling water and heating coil and you’re ready to begin heating. The cabinets are designed to accommodate a variety of fixtures, conveyors and part handling machines. Complete stand-alone control and monitoring include Manual start/stop push buttons, heat level control with 10 turn lockable dial, four meters and annunciator lights to monitor all operating parameters. Remote Or Computer Controlled Operation Remote control can be accomplished by connection to the user interface provided. Heat time can be controlled by a foot switch, machine control relay or PLC. Heat level can be controlled by a remote potentiometer, 4-20 mA process control signal or analog 0-10 V signal from a PLC. An optional RS-232/485 interface is available for remote computer monitoring, data logging, and control. Features 3, 10 and 30 kHz with models available from 25 kW to 300 kW output Rated for continuous or intermittent duty Variable ratio output isolation transformer for load impedance matching Internal load matching capacitors for full power operation over a wide range of load conditions Input power factor is 0.95 under all operating conditions Output regulation accuracy is ±1% of rated power with ±10% line variance to ensure precise process control Single control board. Field replaceable without adjustment for easy maintenance Remote control interface with 0-10 V or 4-20 mA remote analog input Optional UNICOOL closed loop water cooling and recirculating system Optional RS-232/485 interface for computer monitoring and control
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Technical Specifications

  Inductotherm Group
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number Statipower® SP12
Product Name Transistorized Induction Power Supply
DC Output Power 25000 to 300000 watts
Type AC Power Source
AC Output Voltage 400.0 to 2000.0 volts
Phase Three-Phase Power Supply
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