Acro Associates, Inc. Intelivalve™ Solenoid Pinch Valve Model 2100


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Intelivalve™ Solenoid Pinch Valve - Model 2100 - Acro Associates, Inc.
Concord, CA, USA
Intelivalve™ Solenoid Pinch Valve Model 2100
Acro's Intelivalveā„¢ solenoid pinch valve line offers unmatched innovation in performance and reliability. These valves come featured with adaptive power management, valve state sensing, tube detection, noise reduction and built in data monitoring all in a compact format making them the ultimate choice for medical device and bioprocessing applications. Paired with our proprietary Acrosenseā„¢ FCP-A board, users can operate each valve using an average of 1-3 Watts per unit. The Intelivalve line also lets you select from a variety of flexible tubing materials. Built with the latest safety and on-board monitoring, these valves track and store data on calibration, performance, reliability and diagnostic analysis. The Intelivalve line can also be easily scaled to fit any system needs requiring single to multi unit formats.

Technical Specifications

  Acro Associates, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number Model 2100
Product Name Intelivalve™ Solenoid Pinch Valve
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Control Valve; Pinch; Solenoid
Media Biological / Medical Fluids; Air; Compressed Air; Chemical
Actuation Electric
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