Imao-Fixtureworks Hole Holding Clamp QCHC-N

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Hole Holding Clamp - QCHC-N - Imao-Fixtureworks
Fraser, MI, United States
Hole Holding Clamp QCHC-N
Hole Holding Clamps provide quick changeover with no tools and high holding capacity by wedge. Ideal for frequent changeover of machinery or fixture. Hole Holding Clamps reduce your setup time in packaging / printing / food processing machines or assembly / checking fixtures. Secure locking upon releasing buttun. No need for receptacle. All in stainless steel. Clamping force: 3 / 6N Shear strength: 200 / 400N Tensile strength: 150 / 300N
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Industrial Pins
Product Number QCHC-N
Product Name Hole Holding Clamp
Design Units Metric
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