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Heat Treatment  Salts - Quick Cure 300 - Hubbard-Hall Inc.
Waterbury, CT, USA
Heat Treatment Salts Quick Cure 300
DESCRIPTION Quick Cure 300 is a high purity, eutectic mixture of nitrate and nitrite salts, formulated specifically for curing extruded rubber profiles at the lowest possible temperature ranges. It is used as a molten liquid salt bath and is especially effective for curing silicone profiles and sponge rubber in the 380-475oF. range and can also be used to cure conventional rubber profiles at higher temperatures (over 400oF). Because it is a high purity mixture with a low, sharp melting point it is very fluid at any operating temperature. There are a number of important reasons for curing rubber with Quick Cure 300: It is chemically stable over its wide operating temperature range. The free flowing characteristics of the salt assure virtually no lumping or caking problems. It can be used with wide operating temperature variations - 380-100oF. The salt bath, when heated, maintains its viscosity at operating temperatures. Rubber profiles, when immersed in the Quick Cure 300 salt bath, will retain their shape, without sagging or distortion, with uniform surface cure, minimizing scrap. All chemicals used in Quick Cure 300 are water-soluble and do not form any insolubles. Therefore, the solidified salt is easily removed from the surface in a hot water spray rinsing station at the end of the trough just after emerging from the salt trough. Melting Point: 310oF Temperature Range*: 380-1100oF. *Stable at temperatures up to 1100oF.
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Product Category Heat Treatment Salts
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