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Compact and Versatile Thermal Constants Analyser - TPS 500 S - Hot Disk AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
Compact and Versatile Thermal Constants Analyser TPS 500 S
The Hot Disk TPS 500 S Thermal Constants Analyser combines the flexibility of the powerful TPS 2500 S with the slim design and ease of use characterizing the basic TPS 500. It quickly and accurately measures thermal conductivity (0.03 to 200 W/m/K), thermal diffusivity (0.02 to 100 mm2/s) and specific heat capacity (0.10 to 4.5 MJ/m3K) of an extended range of materials. This versatile, yet modestly priced, instrument along with the elegant Hot Disk Thermal Analysis software is the ideal measurement apparatus for the small-scale laboratory or a compact and efficient QC testing system. The TPS 500 S measures the thermal transport properties of solids, pastes, gels and powders and encompasses similar accuracy and sample size flexibility as the instruments designed according to ISO 22007-2. The operative simplicity of the TPS 500 S with its extended testing capabilities constitutes the smartest and most cost-effective thermal transport properties measurement device on the market. The test & analysis software for the TPS 500 S system incorporates tools for automated measurements as well as automatic temperature control of external devices. The software also includes tools for exporting results to third-party software (MS Excel), for additional processing or statistical analysis. Key Features Sensors: The TPS 500 S includes three specially selected TPS sensors suitable for the above specified range of materials and applications, with a respective radius of 2.0 mm (model 7577), 3.2 mm (model 5465) and 6.4 mm (model 5501). Temperature Control: Automatic Temperature series measurements (Isothermal Steps) are easy to perform using either an optional external Furnace or a temperature-controll ed Circulating Bath. These external devices can be directly controlled through the Hot Disk Thermal Analyser software to ensure ease of use. Everything to get you started: The TPS 500 S system constitutes a complete package, including everything necessary for making measurements. The instrumentation includes: Isotropic, Slab, One-dimensional and limited Specific Heat Capacity software modules, three Sensors, Stainless Steel Verification Samples for data validation and a Room-Temperature Sample Holder. Rapidity: The TPS 500 S will test most materials in less than 20 seconds. For multiple measurements on the same sample, a cooling time between tests is required. Simplicity: The elegant analysis software further simplifies testing, making the learning curve very short. Requiring minimal sample preparations and offering wide testing range, the TPS 500 S is a smart and powerful, yet simple-to-use tool.
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Technical Specifications

  Hot Disk AB
Product Category Calorimeters and Thermal Analyzers
Product Number TPS 500 S
Product Name Compact and Versatile Thermal Constants Analyser
Accuracy 5 (%)
Thermal Analyzer Type Thermal Conductivity
Properties Measured Thermal Diffusivity
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