Gaumer Process Medium Voltage Heater

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Medium Voltage Heater -  - Gaumer Process
Houston, TX, United States
Medium Voltage Heater
Gaumer Process provides standard and custom engineered medium voltage (4KV) electric heaters and associated medium voltage control panels to meet high energy demand for various applications. For generations, US manufacturing has been powered, quite literally, by fossil fuel. Natural gas, oil, and coal have historically run the workhorses of American industry - the heaters and boilers that process raw materials into usable products for a range of businesses, including oil and gas companies, chemical manufacturers, food processors, pulp and paper manufacturers, and petroleum refiners. Not surprisingly, these powerhouses have big appetites: 83 percent of all industrial boilers are fueled by natural gas and they eat up an astonishing amount of energy. As energy-intensive as gas-fired boilers are, they're often equally emission-intensive. In particular, they produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, two pollutants that are coming under increasingly stringent regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
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Technical Specifications

  Gaumer Process
Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Name Medium Voltage Heater
Applications Gases/Vapors; Process Waters
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