Force Control Industries, Inc. Oil Shear Power Take Off Clutch PosiClutch 200 Series


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Oil Shear Power Take Off Clutch - PosiClutch 200 Series - Force Control Industries, Inc.
Fairfield, OH, United States
Oil Shear Power Take Off Clutch PosiClutch 200 Series
Eliminate Constant Repair in Severe Duty Applications The Posidyne Clutch is currently available in two styles, 1. the foot mounted unit which is basically the Posidyne clutch brake with just the clutch stack; and 2. the PTO designed to engage a diesel or gasoline engine to the load. The standard Posidyne foot mounted clutch is typically used for applications requiring a disconnect clutch, a clutch to engage a large load, or a clutch to engage a very high inertia load requiring a soft start. The Posidyne clutch only can be cooled by basic radiation, fan cooling, water cooling, or forced lube. Forced lube consists of forcing the fluid through the clutch stack continuously using a forced lube cooling unit. This system enables removing vast amount of heat on those high inertia soft start applications. The PTO is designed to mount to a diesel or gasoline engine to drive various types of stationary systems such as pumps, chippers, mulchers, or crushers. The Force Control PTO offers many advantages such as shorter overall length, high capacity, unique cooling system, and can incorporate a brake to slow a high inertia drum such as used on chippers. It also has an additional pump option providing a drive system for up to 4 hydraulic pumps. The clutch is engaged by compressing a multiple disc friction stack using either air or hydraulic pressure. The pressure determines the torque transmitted through the clutch. Transmission fluid circulating through the unit flows through an open center hub, through the friction stack, and out to the housing. Cooling occurs as the fluid runs back to the bottom of the unit to be recirculated. This system, called Oil Shear Technology, prevents wear on the friction surfaces, removes heat from the friction area to the housing, and lubricates all internal parts. Oil Shear Technology — Reduces Maintenance Cost Air or Hydraulic Actuation Low Maintenance - Reduced Downtime Severe or Hazardous Duty Compact Size - High Thermal Wash Down and Marine Duty Option Low Inertia Energy Savings Cooling - Basic, Fan, Water, Oil-To-Air, and Forced Lube
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Technical Specifications

  Force Control Industries, Inc.
Product Category Hydraulic Clutches
Product Number PosiClutch 200 Series
Product Name Oil Shear Power Take Off Clutch
Mounting Mount on Diesel Engine With SAE 00 Flywheel Housing
Engagement Oil Shear
Length 33.25 inch (845 mm)
Shaft In-line
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