Fluorocarbon Limited Self-Adhesive Backed PTFE Tape Fluoroetch® SAtm

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Self-Adhesive Backed PTFE Tape - Fluoroetch® SAtm - Fluorocarbon Limited
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Self-Adhesive Backed PTFE Tape Fluoroetch® SAtm
As one of the largest UK manufacturers of PTFE sheet and tape, at Fluorocarbon, we constantly work to ensure every product is tailored to meet customer requirements. Uniquely, we offer etching on one or both sides of the material if required. We can provide same day delivery on all standard stock items and a fast turnaround service on non-stock items. Using our in-house facilities, all PTFE sheet & tape products can be supplied chemically etched on one or both sides using the Fluoroetch® etching process. PTFE Properties: PTFE is a tough, flexible, non-resilient material of average tensile strength but with great thermal properties and excellent resistance to chemicals and passage of electric current. Withstanding temperatures of -200ºC up to +260ºC whilst retaining most of its properties, PTFE is the most thermally-stable plastic. PTFE Sheet Uses: Properties such as chemical inertness, outstanding weathering & heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation and low co-efficient of friction enables PTFE to be exploited in diverse range of applications such as seals, gaskets, valves, pump parts, slide bearings and chemical tank linings. Self-Adhesive Backed PTFE Tape (Fluoroetch® SAtm) Four standard thicknesses; 0.13mm, 0.25mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm. Continuous rolls and slit to specific widths
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Technical Specifications

  Fluorocarbon Limited
Product Category Adhesive Tapes
Product Number Fluoroetch® SAtm
Product Name Self-Adhesive Backed PTFE Tape
Thickness 0.0051 to 0.0197 inches (0.1300 to 0.5000 mm)
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