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Bethlehem, PA, USA
Material Level Indicator
General The basic, durable construction of the FLSmidth Material Level Indicator permits sustained continuous operation over long periods of time. Each material level indicator consists of a head assembly coupled to a paddle shaft arrangement. This simple combination permits quick assembly and easy servicing. Head Assembly and Motor The head assembly contains a drive motor and electrical circuitry within a cast aluminum housing. When energized, the drive motor rotates a drive shaft and paddle until material restricts the paddle rotation. The motor then rotates around the stopped drive shaft, activates electrical contacts and remains in a stalled position. When the material falls away from the paddle, the paddle begins to rotate and the motor and electrical contacts return to their initial positions. All head assemblies are equipped with two normally open and two normally closed electrical contacts. The SG-6-FS and SG-6X-FS units ate equipped with fail-safe circuitry to provide notification of power loss, open or shorted motor circuit, or failure of a protected component. Components within the head assembly can be easily inspected without removing the entire unit. Paddle Shaft Arrangements A number of paddle shaft arrangements are available in cold rolled carbon and stain- less steel. Vertical lengths in excess of six (6) feet (1829 mm) use a flexible shaft coupling. Standard vertical extensions may be shortened by the customer. Horizontal units are available with and without protective guard supports to shield the paddle shaft. A stainless steel paddle (7" x 3") is standard on all applications. Temperature Application In all application, air temperature surrounding the motor assembly head should not exceed 200° F (93° C). Pressure Application Models SG-6-D, SG-6-FS, SG-6X-D and SG-6X-FS are designed for maximum operating pressure of 30 PSIG (2.2 Kg/cm2). Electrical Motor: 110V or 220V, 50 or 60 Hz. Switch Rating: 20 Amp 125, 250 or 480 VAC (Models SG-6-D & SG-6X-D). Relay Contacts: 20 Amp 120, 240 or 277 VAC (Models SG-6-FS & SG-6X-FS)
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Level Sensors
Product Name Material Level Indicator
Mounting Options Side mount; Top mount
Device Classification Sensor Only
Level Measurement Type Continuous Level
Maximum Operating Pressure 30 psi (21.11 m H2O)
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