Ewellix Positioning system CTU

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Positioning system CTU -  - Ewellix
Center Valley, PA, United States
Positioning system CTU
Benefits: Manufactured for long service life and heavy loads Easy lubrication maintenance through an external point Precise alignment and secure fastening using couplings High level of accuracy and repeatability Features: Compact design with aluminum or steel base Integrated motor, controller, cables, mechanical brake and shock absorber Lifting column or linear module as option of vertical axis Inline and right-angle gear boxes with customised motor adapter The positioning systems of our CTU series were specially developed for the automotive industry. They are equipped with a pair of profiled rail guides, each with 2 carriages and is designed for high guiding accuracy and rigidity. A wide selection of ball screws ensures outstanding positioning accuracy. CTU systems feature an integrated motor, controller, cable, mechanical brake, shock absorber and a steel cover. They are available with both lifting columns or linear modules for vertical axes.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Product Name Positioning system CTU
Rated Speed 11.81 in/sec (18 m/min)
Bearing Type Linear Guide Bearing
Drive Type Ball Screw
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