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Center Valley, PA, United States
Linear Slides
Benefits: With its compact design, it reduces the cost of investment in machines Ready-to-use table reduces set-up time and installation costs Practically vibration-free operation Features: Compact design and ready-to-use Precision rail guides with the highest amount of rigidity and accuracy Lowest friction Flexibility to use other rolling elements (needles, balls) for best fit Both the GCL and GCLA are precision slides made of steel or aluminium with cross roller precision rail guides. These meet the most demanding standards in terms of guide accuracy and rigidity. Fixed connection points simplify assembly. Features - Compact design, ready for use - Precision rail guides with optimum rigidity and accuracy - Minimal friction - Flexible use of other rolling elements (needles and balls)
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Product Category Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Product Name Linear Slides
Bearing Type Linear Guide Bearing
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