Ewellix High performance actuators CEMC

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High performance actuators - CEMC - Ewellix
Center Valley, PA, United States
High performance actuators CEMC
Benefits: Easily integrated into existing equipment Increased acceleration and speed of the robotic arm and welding gun Better process control and stability compared to fluid actuation Reduced maintenance costs Features: Very compact, with integrated motor Extended service life thanks to reverse roller screw technology Very light material with aluminium body Very low maintenance requirements and easy relubrication process With 20 years of automotive experience in car body spot welding, the next generation of CEMC offers multiple configurations to fit customer needs and to provide the best power-to-weight ratio on the market. By using inverted roller screw technology, it’s possible to integrate a specially designed hollow shaft motor to reach an extreme axial compactness of the actuator and a lightweight construction (only 12,5 Kg). Moreover, it can deliver twice the life of the former series (up to 20 million welding spots over lifetime), requiring only one relubrication interval in between (up to 10 million spots on a single gun without any relubrication). It is possible to equip the actuator with different position feedback devices, resolver or encoder, compatible with main robot and servodrive OEMs from the market, as well as choose from several attachment options, that lead at the end to 336 different combinations. On demand customizations on attachment sizes and special greases are also available.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number CEMC
Product Name High performance actuators
Rated Speed 11.81 in/sec (18 m/min)
Motor Type AC Servo
Rated Force 5620 lbs (2549 kg)
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