Ewellix Linear actuators CAT 33

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Linear actuators - CAT 33 - Ewellix
Center Valley, PA, United States
Linear actuators CAT 33
Benefits: Heavy-duty and reliable industrial actuator Easily integrated scalable design Suitable for a wide range of applications Practically maintenance-free Features: Optional incremental feedback positioning Optional absolute feedback positioning (CAP) Enhanced efficiency and lubrication for extended service life Robust and compact design, resistant to corrosion The modular CAT concept makes it easy to replace critical components such as motors, gears, spindles, fasteners, etc. Custom actuators can be easily and cost-effectively assembled from standard components. The CAT series is flexible and suitable for an infinite number of applications. The CAP actuators are based on the existing modular CAT range and are coupled to a potentiometer to provide absolute position feedback.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number CAT 33
Product Name Linear actuators
Motor Voltage 12 to 400 volts
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