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 - 523027 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
Ideal device to ensure your environment meets the standards laid out by the DDA. Built-in cut off timer automatically shuts down the system after 10, 30 or 60 minutes if the unit is not being used. All in one system that can be used in schools, shops, nursing homes, leisure centres as well as many other private, public or civil applications. Freestanding design. Simple to operate. Portable and robust. Internal batteries. Coverage 1 - 2m² Portable System = Yes Maximum Square Room Coverage = 1.2 x 1.2m Frequency Response = 100 Hz - 5 kHz Distortion = 1% Weight = 1.7kg Kit Contents = AFILS Available Sticker, Amplifier C/W Battery & Integral Microphone, PL1/PSU1 Plugtop Charger Plug Type = Type G Amplifier Height = 300mm Amplifier Length = 100mm Amplifier Width = 250mm
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
Product Number 523027
Type Audio Amplifier
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