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Lebanon, OH, USA
Civacon cane probes are used to provide overfill detection where a permanent sensor cannot be properly affixed to a tank or railcar. They provide a portable, flexible solution to varying overfill requirements. Civacon cane probes utilize modern, instant-on optic principles. Temperature condition variations – of product or surrounding environment – don't affect cane probe performance. This flexible technology allows you to adapt the cane probe to varying overfill needs. The probes come in standard 20", 36" and 48" lengths, with a coiled cord and 7-way plug which easily attaches to a cane probe junction box. This feature allows the probe to be easily removed for storage or transferred to another loading point. The sensing point is easily set by adjusting the sensor position in the tank. This is accomplished with a large adjustment knob on the cane probe clamp. Three styles of cane probes are available – a clamp-type for open dome sensing, a Kamlok-type for closed systems, and our new Universal clamp for both chemical domes and petroleum manholes.
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Technical Specifications

  OPW Engineered Systems
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number Kamlok® Cane Probe
Product Name Cane Probes
Mounting Options Top mount
Device Classification Sensor Only
Repeatability (Point Level) 0.0625 +/-inch (1.59 +/-mm)
Level Measurement Type Single Point or Multi-Point Level
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