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Enclosed Slip Ring Assemblies
Wrap-Around Enclosure The NEMA 1 Wrap-Around Enclosure is available for all bore sizes. It features a rolled, brushed stainless steel panel that wraps around the body of the slip ring. It is held in place with plated snap latches. The slip ring assembly end plates ("outboard bearings") are available for incoming wire hubs. The thru-bore is open, so the unit can be slid onto a host shaft. Common options include: Special hub sizes or arrangements Special shafts/flanges to match host equipment Special drive hole locations or drive brackets Extra gasketing for a tighter dust seal Revolving Unit (RU) The NEMA 4 "RU" is a painted spun steel enclosure that completely contains the slip ring assembly. It is available in 1.5", 2.5", and 3" O.D. shaft sizes. The cover is bolted to the base ("entrance ring") with a rubber gasket between. Brush wiring enters through a 1" NPT hub mounted on the entrance ring. A shaft and shaft flange are provided; the shaft runs on a double ball bearings. Common options include: Heater strips to reduce internal condensation Breather drains to reduce internal condensation Special hub sizes or arrangements Special flanges to match host equipment Maximum operating speed: 125 rpm (1.5" bore); higher speeds attainable with optional carriage ball bearings. Swivel Unit (SU) The "SU" is similar to the Revolving Unit, except that the cover has mounting straps enablinng the unit to be mounted "shaft-up". The shaft is equipped with a conduit elbow for incoming core wiring.
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Product Category Slip Rings
Product Name Enclosed Slip Ring Assemblies
Speed 125 rpm
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