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Adjustable Dual Thermostat D-Stat - FGDT - DBK USA, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC, USA
Adjustable Dual Thermostat D-Stat FGDT
DBK’s FGDT D-Stat (dualstat) has a patented over and under design with two separate thermostats within one housing. The D-Stats can simultaneously control independent heating and cooling equipment. They are made with reliable bimetal technology. D-Stats have a unique narrow 33mm profile and 35mm DIN rail mounting feature. Heating Control: Identified by a Red dial, this is a normally closed (NC) thermostat that opens on temperature rise. Cooling Control: Identified by a Blue dial, this is a normally open (NO) thermostat that closes on temperature rise Features: · Approvals: UL, CSA, VDE · Only 33mm wide · Fahrenheit or Celsius scales · 100,000 cycle rating at 100 - 250 VAC · Compact and lightweight · Various Heating/Cooling combinations (6 SKU’s are available) · Units available in; NO- NC; 2 NO; 2NC · Switching capacity up to 16 Amps, 240 VAC, 60W DC
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Technical Specifications

  DBK USA, Inc.
Product Category Temperature Controllers
Product Number FGDT
Product Name Adjustable Dual Thermostat D-Stat
Form Factor DIN
Control Limit
Temperature Heating; Cooling
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