Ircon, Inc. Infrared Temperature Sensor System MODLINE 7 Series


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Infrared Temperature Sensor System - MODLINE 7 Series - Ircon, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Infrared Temperature Sensor System MODLINE 7 Series
The Modline®7 infrared thermometers are designed for continuous temperature monitoring in nearly any application in industrial temperature process control. Offering 8 different series to choose from (7V, 72, 7G, 76, 75, 77, 78 & 74), these rugged pyrometers feature an IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure, standard motorized focus control, as well as through-the-lens and laser sighting. With extended temperature ranges, high resolution optics and fast response times, the Modline 7 provides the versatility to solve your most demanding applications. An intuitive sensor design, with integral water cooling in a stainless steel enclosure or high temperature waterjacket, reduces installation and setup time. Standardized installation accessories and common ModView™ Pro softwareplatform minimize multiple product configurations at your factory. The new PROC-7 processor box (option) is a self-contained control unit designed to operate all Modline 7 sensors independent of Modview Pro software. Remote setup and operation can be done through the digital panel when the sensor is located in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations. Designed for harsh industrial environments, Modline 7 additionally features: Communications utilities to monitor up to 32 Modline 7 sensors Advanced signal conditioning filters (peak hold, valley hold and averaging) Background compensation System or process alarm outputs directly from the sensing head
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Technical Specifications

  Ircon, Inc.
Product Category Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors
Product Number MODLINE 7 Series
Product Name Infrared Temperature Sensor System
Operating Temperature 50 to 600 F (10 to 316 C)
Category Sensor/Transducer
Technology Optical Pyrometer
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