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Infrared Thermometers - MODLINE 5 Series - Ircon, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Infrared Thermometers MODLINE 5 Series
The Modline® 5 is a durable, standalone infrared sensor built to serve a wide range of industrial temperature measurement applications. This line features System Health Check – a diagnostics tool that confirms that the Modline 5 spot pyrometer, including temperature detector, internal circuitry, and even the output signal is working within factory specifications. The System Health Check runs continuously in the background and notifies the operator of failures with a relay or analog output. The Modline 5 Dirty Window Detector (DWD) automatically senses for dust, condensation, or other contaminants that build up on the lens. It sends an alarm or analog output to notify the user of any obstructions. Programmable coarse and fine settings within the Modline 5 setup menus let you tune the DWD, depending on how severe your process application is. Unique Emissivity or E Slope Match Function helps you to easily determine the emissivity or E Slope to achieve correct temperature measurements. Simply aim the sensor at the target and adjust settings to the known temperature—Emissivi ty or E Slope settings will be automatically adjusted, taking the guesswork out. Designed to withstand long durations in harsh environments, all components of the Modline 5 sensor are contained within a sealed, stainless steel NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure. With a diameter less than 5.7cm (2.25 inches), it is one of the most capable small infrared thermometers on the market.
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  Ircon, Inc.
Product Category Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors
Product Number MODLINE 5 Series
Product Name Infrared Thermometers
Operating Temperature 32 to 400 F (0 to 204 C)
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