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Iris Power EL CID Evolution -  - Qualitrol Company, LLC
Fairport, NY, United States
Iris Power EL CID Evolution
The EL CID Evolution provides offline testing of inter-laminar insulation breakdown within a stator core. The only alternative to the Iris Power EL CID Evolution test is the Ring Flux (full flux) test. The Ring Flux test requires large power supplies, considerable manpower, and expensive infrared viewing cameras. Features Only one technician is needed to perform the test. Typical labor is for a major turbogenerator 8 to 10 manhours for EL CID test. Rapid setup to retest after any repair ensures quick turnaround. Minimize intrusive repairs by instantly verifying the results. Safe for core and operator, unlike Ring Flux test which is potentially damaging to the uncooled core Faster test scanning (up to 120 mm/sec at 60 Hz) Easier excitation calculations Simpler testing with dual Chattocks (detection coils) User-friendly LCD display to guide user operation Can combine step-iron data with main core traces Easily identifies “hot spots” via color map display Fully compatible with data from earlier versions Advantages Tests are repeatable Immediate test results are available for local analysis and email Determines if defects are on the surface, sub-surface, or under conductors Tests with or without windings More sensitive in detecting buried faults Partial retests of core are possible with ability to merge results to obtain a complete picture of the core condition Trending of previous results Excellent quality assurance test Kit contents Iris Power EL CID Evolution Chattock Sensors (10, 20, 25 and 30 cm) Reference Sensor Magnetic Manual Trolley Step Iron Trolley Calibration Unit Switched Turbo Excitation System Volt Meter and Clamp-on Ammeter ELAN CD with Software Licence Handbook Kit is delivered in two Wheeled Transit Cases
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  Qualitrol Company, LLC
Product Category Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment
Product Name Iris Power EL CID Evolution
Instrument Type Condition Monitor / Fault Detector
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