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PARTICLE SENSOR Module - Laser PM2008M-M
Based on laser scattering technology, laser dust sensor module PM2008M-M can measure particle concentration size between 0.3μm~10μm exactly in the air and output particle mass concentration PM1.0,PM2.5,PM10 in μg/m³ directly via mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration. FEATURES Real-time output particle mass concentration in μg/m3 High accuracy, high sensitive and quick response (≤8s) High stability: compensation for attenuation of optical source signal and correcting algorithm of temperature & relative humidity Four types of measuring mode for option: single, continues, timing, dynamic All metal shielding, good in anti-jamming capability Smaller & thinner structure, easy for installation APPLICATIONS Air purifier Air conditioner with purifying function IAQ monitor Ventilation system Other consumer electronics products SPECIFICATIONS Measured particle size: 0.3µm~10µm Measurement range: 0~1000µg/m³ Accuracy: PM1.0&PM2.5: 0 ~35µg/m³, ±5µg/m³;35µg/m³~500µ g/m³, ±15% of reading; PM10:0 ~100µg/m³, ±30µg/m³;101 ~500µg/m³, ±30% of reading (25±2°C,50±10%RH, GRIMM, cigarette) Response time: ≤8 seconds Working condition: -10°C~ 60°C, 0~95%RH (non-condensing) Storage condition: -40°C~80°C, 0~95%RH ( non-condensing) Power supply: DC 5V±0.1V, ripple wave<50 mV Working current: ≤100mA Signal output: UART (3.3V, default);IIC (3.3V-5V, default); PWM (customized) Dimension: W48*H40*D12(mm) Weight: 26g
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  Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Product Category Opacity Sensors and Instruments
Product Number PM2008M-M
Product Name PARTICLE SENSOR Module - Laser
Device Classification Sensor; Sensor System (optional feature)
Technology Type Scattered Light Principle; Laser Scattering
Input Power Requires DC Power
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