Corning Optical Communications Pad-mount Telecom Interconnect Cabinets UMOXS™


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Pad-mount Telecom Interconnect Cabinets UMOXS™
Corning UMOXS™ cross-connect system is a family of interfaces for interconnecting feeder and distribution cables in the urban and rural outside plant copper-based network. The essential component is the unique, field-mountable, environmentally protected UMOXS cross-connect system connector. Cabinets along with their associated hardware make up a versatile package that can also be used as splice closures, housings for electronic equipment or other components. The UMOXS pad-mount standard cabinets are available with pair-count capacities of 600-, 1200-, 1800-, or 3000-pair, and with either a separate standard or extended base compartment. The UMOXS pole-mount standard cabinets are available with pair-count capacities of 600-, 1200- or 1800-pair, and are equipped with a safety hand rail and open base. Each pole-mount cabinet is provided with upper and lower mounting brackets. All UMOXS standard cabinets have single-sided access, and are factory equipped with bonding facilities, talk block, port plugs, duct sleeves, sleeve sealing clamps and cable pair designation labels. Mounting hardware (anchor assemblies), mounting columns, retainers and connectors are not supplied with the cabinets, and must be ordered separately. The feeder to distribution ratio is variable and determined by the quantity of green and blue retainers ordered and installed.
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  Corning Optical Communications
Product Category Electronic and Instrument Enclosures
Product Number UMOXS™
Product Name Pad-mount Telecom Interconnect Cabinets
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