Corning Optical Communications Single-Panel Housing (SPH)


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Single-Panel Housing (SPH)
Corning single-panel housing is a cost-effective option for storage, protection and termination of optical fiber cables in applications with minimal mounting space. The housing accepts standard LANscape® solution CCH connector panels and offers protection for the fiber cable and connectors for indoor wall-mount installations. This compact unit has a 1.5 inch frontal projection and is optimized for use in locations such as Box-in-a-Box applications, building entrances, terminals, wiring closets, open office and other areas where space is a premium. The SPH-01P housings have a stacking feature to allow up to three independent SPH-01P housings to be stacked and function as one wall-mount unit allowing capacity expansion without consuming additional wall space. The built-in splice tray with routing guides provide both protection and segregation of the cable and fiber during initial install and any future MAC work that is needed. The durable black metal housing can be used for splice management, cross-connect or both for up to 12 single fiber heat-shrink splices, and the improved splice organizer will also handle six ribbon heat-shrink splices if so desired. The single-panel housing can be mounted in multiple orientations including a DIN rail mounting option to allow fiber protection and connectivity in electronic and/or control cabinet applications as well as standard wall mounting.
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  Corning Optical Communications
Product Category Electronic and Instrument Enclosures
Product Name Single-Panel Housing (SPH)
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