Clark Solutions Series UP9-PN Gear Pump for Water & Diesel Fuel UP9-PN24V


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Series UP9-PN Gear Pump for Water & Diesel Fuel - UP9-PN24V - Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA, USA
Series UP9-PN Gear Pump for Water & Diesel Fuel UP9-PN24V
Series UP9-PN Gear Pumps for Water & Diesel Fuel 12 or 24 VDC, Flow to 3.2 GPM, Pressure to 58 PSI Description: Model UP9-PN is a self-priming, compact, powerful, 12 or 24 VDC electric gear pump. UP9-PM is constructed of PTFE gears, nickelplated brass body and stainless steel shaft. Use UP-9PN for fresh water, sea water, diesel fuel, transfer of lightweight lube oils, antifreeze and other compatible media. Specifications: Ports: Tapped 3/8" BSP, pump supplied with 2 ea 3/8" NPT adaptors Motor: 12VDC or 24VDC, powdered epoxy coated Circuit Protection: Install fuse12 V, 15A; 24 V, 10A Current: See Curves Flow Rate: See Curves Self Priming With Wet Gears: 4.92 ft (1.5 m) Pump Duty:Intermittent Motor Life: Approx. 2000 hours Max. Ambient Operating Temperature: 14-140°F (-10-60°C) Max. Relative Humidity: 90% Pump Body: Nickel plated Brass Gears: UP9/Oil, Bronze; UP9/P (PTFE) Shaft: Stainless Steel *Suitable Fluid Media: Fresh Water (max. 85°C, 185°F), salt water (max.40°C, 104°F) & diesel fuel with viscosity between 2 & 5.35 cSt to 37.8°C, 100°F; minimum flashpoint (PM): 55°C, 131°F Unsuitable Fluid Media: DO NOT USE for gasoline, flammable liquids with PM<131°F, liquids with viscosity>20 cSt, food products, corrosive chemicals & solvents Weight: 6 lbs *A model with lower operating speed is available for lubricating oils and viscous liquids, consult factory.
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Liquid Handling Pumps
Product Number UP9-PN24V
Product Name Series UP9-PN Gear Pump for Water & Diesel Fuel
Power Source DC; 24 VDC
Liquid Flow 3.200 GPM (12.12 L/min)
Pump Housing Material Nickel Plated Brass
Media Chemical Pump; Diesel Only, Liquids, Lubricants, Salt Water
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