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High-Performance 8-Channel Analog Volume Control - CS3318 - Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Austin, TX, USA
High-Performance 8-Channel Analog Volume Control CS3318
Cirrus Logic’s flagship CS3318 is an eight-channel, high-voltage, digitally controlled analog volume control IC that is the benchmark for audio quality, showcasing 127 dB dynamic range. The CS3318 operates from a ±9 V power supply, with 118 dB adjustable range from +22 dB to -96 dB, negligible distortion and inter-channel isolation. Plus, a 0.25 dB step size with zero-crossing detection and programmable time out ensures remarkably smooth control of volume adjustment. The CS3308 is a pin-compatible ±5 V version with a very high dynamic range of 123 dB. Both the CS3318 and CS3308 serve to reduce external component count and reduce printed circuit board space, helping OEMs achieve more compact products at lower cost. Patent-pending technologies such as dynamic address assignment and simultaneous master volume controls across multiple devices over a single serial control bus simplifies designs and further reduces costs. Features Complete analog volume control 8 independently controllable channels 3 configurable master volume and muting controls Wide adjustable volume range -96 dB to +22 dB in ¼ dB steps Low distortion and noise 127 dB dynamic range (CS3318) 123 dB dynamic range (CS3308) -110 dB THD+N Noise-free level transitions Zero-crossing detection with programmable time out Low channel-to-channel crosstalk 120 dB inter-channel isolation Comprehensive serial control port Supports I²C and SPI™ communication Independent control of up to 128 devices on a shared 2-Wire I²C or 3-wire SPI control bus Supports individual and grouped control of all CS3308/18 devices on the I²C or SPI control bus Standard power supply voltages ±9 V analog supply (CS3318) ±5 V analog supply (CS3308) +3.3 V digital supply
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  Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Product Category Audio Processor ICs
Product Number CS3318
Product Name High-Performance 8-Channel Analog Volume Control
Number of Channels 8 #
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