Calpipe Industries, Inc. External Padlocking Security Bollard IBP12080


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External Padlocking Security Bollard - IBP12080 - Calpipe Industries, Inc.
Rancho Dominguez, CA, USA
External Padlocking Security Bollard IBP12080
Perfect for medium security installations where only occasional access to vehicles or pedestrians is needed, this versatile security bollard is manually removable with either external or internal locking when the bollard is inserted. Both systems have their advantages and both are engineered and manufactured to make security of the locking systems difficult to compromise. The External Padlocking Removable bollard is commonly used in industrial applications. The external padlock on the bollard allows relatively easy access to public service vehicles such as the fire or police into restricted areas. The External Padlocking Removable bollard offers the same versatility as the Internal Locking Removable bollard in a mixed barrier application of fixed and removable bollards to quickly and easily allow movement of large objects through the barrier. These bollards are ideal for use in college and university installations, access control for parking lots, and security and safety at military bases.
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Technical Specifications

  Calpipe Industries, Inc.
Product Category Bollards
Product Number IBP12080
Product Name External Padlocking Security Bollard
Type Security
Shape Round
Materials Carbon Steel
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