BRIM Electronics, Inc. Shrinkable Irradiated Polyolefin Tubing SH134

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Shrinkable Irradiated Polyolefin Tubing - SH134 - BRIM Electronics, Inc.
Lodi, NJ, United States
Shrinkable Irradiated Polyolefin Tubing SH134
SH134 is very flexible yet it provides greater electrical, chemical, and abrasion resistance & greater mechanical strength than that of shrinkable PVC tubing, plus an inner wall of meltable liner. With it's meltable inner/adhesive liner it not only insulates, it can also encapsulate giving a watertight fit. Won't crack or peel. It's non-corrosive, has excellent resistance to soldering irons, oils, solvents, acids, alkalis, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and fungus, and it's flame retardant. Shrink Ratio--4:1 (75%). Shrinkage begins when exposed to 120°C. Longitudinal shrinkage: 10%. Dielectric Strength: 2500V for 1 Min. Uses: Strain reliefs, jacketing material, component insulation, seal and protect wire splices, breakouts or connectors-to-cable terminations. OPER. TEMP.: -55°C to +135°C. Meets MIL-I-23053/4, Class 3, UL VW-1, CSA OFT (jacket only), ASTM D638.
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Technical Specifications

  BRIM Electronics, Inc.
Product Category Protective Sleeving
Product Number SH134
Product Name Shrinkable Irradiated Polyolefin Tubing
Operating Temperature -55 to 135 C (-67 to 275 F)
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