BREN Inc. 3-mil Matte Polyester Poly-Cut SC™


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3-mil Matte Polyester - Poly-Cut SC™ - BREN Inc.
College Grove, TN, USA
3-mil Matte Polyester Poly-Cut SC™
A polyester (Mylar® type) material for small-character stencils (under 1/4") and fine-detail cuts. Produces superior paint masking; holds tightly, yet releases clean. Made of 3-mil matte polyester attached to our unique "Post it®"-type adhesive on a clear backing. Poly-Cut™ is popular for glass etching, paint masking, epoxy-stencil marking, and any masking project where sharp, clear, non-stretched lines are required. Comes on a 6" core.
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Technical Specifications

  BREN Inc.
Product Category Specialty Tapes
Product Number Poly-Cut SC™
Product Name 3-mil Matte Polyester
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