Arjay Engineering Floating Oil Thickness Monitor 4100-HCF

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Floating Oil Thickness Monitor - 4100-HCF - Arjay Engineering
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Floating Oil Thickness Monitor 4100-HCF
Continuous monitoring of separated oil thickness on a water surface The 4100-HCF monitors a floating sensor on the water surface to indicate the thickness of separated oil. An LCD display of the thickness, analog output and relay alarms are standard. The 4100-HCF float sensor monitors the capacitance field of the water surface. As the oil accumulates on the surface, the sensor capacitance changes. This interface signal is used to provide outputs, displays and relay control. Optional Interfaces Analog Output 4-20 mA non-isolated Communication RS-485 Modbus
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Technical Specifications

  Arjay Engineering
Product Category Water Quality Testing Instruments
Product Number 4100-HCF
Product Name Floating Oil Thickness Monitor
Process Temp 0 to 55 F (-18 to 13 C)
Form Factor Panel
User Controls Digital Front Panel
Operating Temperature 32 to 131 F (0 to 55 C)
Water Quality Parameters Water Quality Measurement Instrument; Oil/Water
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