Arjay Engineering Oil/Water Separator & Sump Liquid Level Alarm 2882-OWS

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Oil/Water Separator & Sump Liquid Level Alarm - 2882-OWS - Arjay Engineering
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Oil/Water Separator & Sump Liquid Level Alarm 2882-OWS
Reliable monitoring for the oil/water interface in separators The probe is inserted into the separator or sump to the depth of desired oil accumulation. The electronics is calibrated to the capacitance field around the probe. As oil accumulates and displaces the water, the capacitance change around the probe tip is monitored to activate the relays. Adjustable time delay and sensitivity adjustment is standard to suppress spurious alarms from intermittent turbulence and wash-down. Hazardous Location Use Available Component Certifications may be suitable to your application. Consult Arjay for assistance. 2880 Electrical Safety UL, CSA, or IEC 61010 Housing UL/FM/CSA Class 1, Group B,C,D; Class II, Group E,F,G Probe CSA Class 1, Group C,D The electronics for this model can also be mounted remote from the probe. Refer to the Model 2852-OWS. The probe becomes Intrinsically Safe when ordered with an IS Barrier installed in 2852-OWS control panel: CSA Div 1, Class 1, Groups A,B,C,D
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Technical Specifications

  Arjay Engineering
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number 2882-OWS
Product Name Oil/Water Separator & Sump Liquid Level Alarm
Device Classification Sensor Only; Sensor System
Output Options AnalogCurrent
User Interface Digital Front Panel
Communication Interface Options Digital Serial
Maximum Operating Pressure 1500 psi (1056 m H2O)
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