Arjay Engineering Liquid Interface Alarm 2852-IFA

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Liquid Interface Alarm - 2852-IFA - Arjay Engineering
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Liquid Interface Alarm 2852-IFA
Reliable interface monitoring for alarm between two liquids The sensing probe continuously monitors the liquid in a vessel and will alarm when the interface of a different dielectric liquid crosses the active probe. Typical applications include oil/water interface in pipes and separators, water accumulation in fuel tank bottoms, and product phase changes in process piping streams. The 2852-IFA sensing probe monitors the capacitance field around the probe. The probe is calibrated to one of the liquids. As the interface of the second product crosses over the probe, the probe capacitance changes. This change is used to activate the relays for alarm and control.
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Technical Specifications

  Arjay Engineering
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number 2852-IFA
Product Name Liquid Interface Alarm
Mounting Options Side mount; Top mount
Device Classification Sensor Only; Sensor System
Output Options AnalogCurrent
User Interface Digital Front Panel
Communication Interface Options Digital Serial
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