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Amesbury, MA, USA
Structural Composites
ARC Technologies provides custom solutions for low to high volume production for energy control and reduction in composite applications for Radomes and other structures and housings. ARC Technologies also has internal and local machining capabilities to provide fast turnaround on composite parts and is capable of providing finished coatings and integration of composite parts to mating metallic assemblies. ARC Technologies has a long history of supplying composite structures and assemblies to major DOD contractors such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Lockheed, NAVSEA and others. ARC Technologies Composites is established as an internal Focus Factory with its own dedicated staff to provide a high level of internal and external support for all of our programs. Our dedicated staff and technicians are highly skilled and experienced in producing quality composites in a Lean Manufacturing environment. Solutions: Radar Absorbing Structures Composite Structures for Aircraft and Naval Applications Radar Camouflage Units (RCU's) Resin Transfer Molded Parts Radome Structures Materials: Fiberglass Epoxy Quartz Epoxy Quartz PBD (polybutadiene--high temp) Carbon fiber Spectra Resin Transfer Molding Convolute Winding Composites Fabrication: Layup / Vacuum Bag Autoclave Processing Press Molding Resin Transfer Molding Convolute Winding In-House Value Added: Autoclave processing up to 450F/125 psi Oven curing capabilities up to 650F Internal Painting and Finishing Operations
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  ARC Technologies, Inc.
Product Category Composite Panels
Product Name Structural Composites
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