Albér Battery Monitoring & Diagnostic System MPM-100


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Battery Monitoring & Diagnostic System - MPM-100 - Albér
Pompano Beach, FL, USA
Battery Monitoring & Diagnostic System MPM-100
MPM-100 is an all-in-one battery monitoring solution for smaller battery systems up to 150VDC. It can be configured for all battery configurations that are based on single cells of 1V up to 12V multicell modules. The Alber MPM-100 configurable battery diagnostic system identifies conditions requiring further investigation, such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current, temperature, and internal resistance. Automatic periodic tests verify the integrity of the battery being monitored, and an alarm is given for any out-of-tolerance condition. Proactive testing includes internal ohmic resistance for the complete module at user-programmed intervals. By tracking internal resistance, the system can predict and report weak cells prior to complete failure. A time-to-go estimate algorithm, which uses discharge parameters and internal resistance readings, assists in determining remaining battery life.
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Product Category Battery Monitors and Testers
Product Number MPM-100
Product Name Battery Monitoring & Diagnostic System
Form Factor CabinetRack
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