Advanced Orientation Systems, Inc. EZ-Probe Compass


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Low cost advanced Compass Probe includes Pitch / Roll / Temperature compensated COMPASS / MAGNETOMETER system built around a state of the art CMOS microcontroller utilizing AOSI's proprietary algorithm on a thin 7" long assembly that is installed into a 1.25" diameter Garolyte tube or Aluminum housing with an industrial connector. The unit is sealed and potted and is ready to be used in a splash-proof or shallow water applications. The unit outputs continuous heading, magnetic field, dual axis tilt and temperature data over the standard RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces. The AZIMUTH is generated from a 3 axis semiconductor magnetometer with 12 bit ( 0.08 deg ) resolution. The LINEAR tilt information is available with 12 bit resolution for almost +-80arcdeg. COMPASS/TILT module is perfectly suitable for numerous rock drilling, oil drilling, hole profiling, logging, marine array, navigation, research, training, construction, entertainment and other precision orientation, navigation and leveling applications. The COMPASS is able to output multi-sensor information in NMEA-0183 mode and responds to numerous generally used commands. Easy link through the Hyper Terminal Windows accessory facilitates custom calibration, hard iron compensation, data acquisition, data averaging, scan delay, dumping factor and data display.
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Technical Specifications

  Advanced Orientation Systems, Inc.
Product Category Tilt Sensors
Product Number EZ-Probe Compass
Number of Axes 2
Form Factor Sensor / Transducer
Operating Temperature -22 to 185 F (-30 to 85 C)
Type Electrolytic
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